The Recruitment Process

When companies are looking to fill executive positions, it is the job of a Recruiting/HR Coordinator to fill that position.

Hiring employees is just one job of an HR Recruiter. In order to complete this successfully there are many other things that have to be done. A recruitment plan and strategy must be put into place in order to ensure the people you are hiring the persons with the right combination of experience, education and skills.

Here are the steps to Recruitment and Selection:

1.       Human Resources must evaluate all of the skills the job entails and which all potential applications must possess.  

2.       Once you have identified the skills, you must find out the best way to assess these candidates. In addition to the interview process it is best to also require applicants to bring references to learn more about their dependability from an outsider’s prospective. Another way to assess their skills is by having the applicant sample what they would be doing if they were hired.

3.       So now it’s time for the interview.  The purpose of the interview is to determine whether he or she has the ability to perform the job the way you are looking for it to be done. It is very important to ask the right questions. Ask questions that cover who, what, when, where, why how. Follow up questions like, can you tell me more about that or could you give me an example, are great questions because it requires the interviewee to explain. Avoid directive questions that can only be answered in yes or no.

4.       Next, check references. References from former employers are best because it allows you to assess their previous on-the-job performances. It is also best to check more than one to avoid bias opinions.

5.       And lastly, make the hiring decision.

If you do not have an in house HR department, there are many Human Resource Recruiting companies that specialize in filling executive positions. These companies will work directly with the company to ensure you end up with the perfect candidate.


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